WIPS will be posted to Twitter unless specified otherwise.

Commissions take 4-16 weeks to finish.

Commissions are for PERSONAL use only, unless stated otherwise.

Please CONTACT me directly for freelance work negotiations.

Commissions are not guaranteed after sending a request. Priority goes to jobs with clear instruction, aligning the best with my personal work, schedule, and compensation.


Complex designs will require additional fees

I do not take on free "requests"

Payment is upfront via PayPal invoice in CAD$

ush jobs (under 4 weeks) may require an additional fee.

Characters / Portraits

CELL SHADED: $100+ | PAINTED: $150+

Character illustration with a very basic background / transparent version
Additional character: +100%

High level of outfit complexity and detail will increase the price

Pet Portraits

CELL SHADED: $75+ | PAINTED: $150+

Pet portrait with a very basic background / transparent version
Additional pet: +100%

High level of complexity and detail will increase the price


Twitch Panels

BUST MODEL: $450* | FULL BODY: $510*

*With Refrence*

With reference means you must have at least one reference in a form of an existing illustration of the character. Minor changes can be made but the character stays mostly the same.
High level of complexity and detail will increase the price. PNG-tuber is priced for commercial usage.

Additional Outfit Change $45+
Original Character Design $100+

1 PANEL: $45 | 3 PANELS: $110

6 PANELS: $230

Panel commissions MUST include references if characters are involved.

High level of complexity and detail will increase the price. Panels are priced for commercial usage.

I do not draw "emotes" at this time.


PNGtuber Expressions (angry, sad, scared, etc): $45 per expression
Doodle Friends: poorly drawn simple png for when your friends join your stream or TTS chat +$45

Custom Accessories: additional .png's for stream (mic, food/drink, etc) available through negotiation.

Additional Services

Feel free to contact me about custom requests!

By commissioning me you agree to the terms of service
TOS is subject to change depending on the service provided. Full TOS will always be sent with your invoice.

1) Payment terms

- Payment must be made upfront (before commissioned art starts) and processed via PayPal in $CAD. (Canadian Dollars)

- Please wait to receive an invoice from me for payment.

- Full payment must be made before any artwork is started.

2) Artist reserves the right to use the art for self-promotion. (i.e. website, portfolio, promotional directories). If you would prefer the commission to remain private, please indicate that in your initial request.

3) Client may repost the commissioned work to personal galleries (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with appropriate credit / link to the artists social media.

4) Client may not edit, correct, adapt, modify or change the finished artwork in any way without written permission from the artist. (This does not include cropping)

5) Revisions which are not the fault of the artist may be billed separately.

6) Client will indemnify, and hold artist harmless against any claim arising from artist's reliance upon reference material provided to the artist by the client.

7) Client may not use the artwork for monetary gain. The artwork is for personal/private use of the client only * ( Commercial art is excluded from this clause ) *

8) Cancellation fees - Life happens and sometimes you need a refund.

- Artist gets to keep: 30% after concept , 60% after colour choices, 100% upon completion.

- Artist gets to keep a MINIMUM of $50 after payment and cancellation.

9) Commissions are digital format only. Meaning no physical products will be shipped unless formally stated otherwise by the artist.

10) By paying for your commission you are agreeing to the TOS.

Commission Status