Personal Projects

Free Creative Resources


Arden is developing free resources and information for creatives!

You can find his latest FREE Mini Zine Template on Ko-Fi:

A Zine Club


Arden runs a (currently invite-only) online zine club.
In ‘A Zine Club’, he delves into the rich, punk-aligned history of radical self-publication to collaboratively establish a safe, fun, and accessible digital space built by the people, for the people.

Purrfect Companions Norfolk

Volunteer Sticker Designs (2022)

After falling in love with a photo of a cat named "Possum" (orange cat) on the Norfolk Purrfect Companions website, last year Arden adopted his second cat from the shelter.

Sadly three months later this beloved feline was diagnosed with a fatal "incurable" disease called FIP. However, thanks to Purrfect Rescue and the support of many others, Possum was able to get the care and funding needed to bring him back to purrfect health and reunited with Arden, and his brother Mash!

As thanks, Arden designed these stickers free of charge to help the non-for-profit shelter raise money for the day-to-day needs of all their cats, volunteers, and awareness for FIP. 

Ghost Challenge

Photography/Illustration Collaboration (2021-2022)

A yearly collaboration with photographer Alexis Bedard.
We attempt the #GhostChallenge with our own creative spin!


2022 Ghost Challenge