Editorial Work

"Community Matters"

An illustration depicting the importance of inclusive, diverse, and intersectional community in LGBTQ+ spaces.

This piece is 1/9 illustrations made for "Myths and Legends", Ardens 2021 Thesis.


"The aim of Myths and Legends is to dismantle the literal demonization of the LGBTQ+ community, and the trend of history portraying them as monstrous through the lens of a world full of actual monsters in modern times. By using such an extreme example, the narrative illustrates the hardships and positives in queer people's lives that are seldom talked about in popular culture or regular discourse to this very day."

You can find their full thesis at:


"Go Ahead, Transition"

Originally designed for the Xtra Magazine article "Go Ahead, Transition".

This illustration expresses the necessary freedom of non-binary transition.

Sticker Design: Purrfect Companions

After falling in love with a photo of a cat named "Possum" (orange cat) on the Norfolk Purrfect Rescue website, Arden adopted his second cat from the shelter.

Sadly three months later this beloved feline was diagnosed with a fatal "incurable" disease called FIP. Arden at the time due to personal reasons was not mentally or physically able to tend to the needs of this terrible disease. However, thanks to Purrfect Rescue and the support of many others, Possum was able to get the care and funding needed to bring him back to purrfect health and reunited with his dad!

As thanks, he designed these stickers free of charge to help the non-for-profit shelter raise money for the day-to-day needs of all their cats, volunteers, and awareness for FIP.


The other two cats depicted are the shelter "mascots" Howie (bow tie) and Sparky (black and white).

Norfolk Purrfect Rescue: https://www.purrfectcompanions.ca

Sticker Design: Allswell Productions

A limited-edition sticker designed for 2022 Patrons of the small theatre production company "Allswell Productions" located in London, Ontario.

Photography Collaborations

Collaboration with Vigorousbruv (Alexis Bedard)

Photography-illustration collaboration for Halloween

Photographer + Editor: Vigarousbruv

Model + Illustrator: Arden Crylic

Content Collaborations: Noissue Tissue

Noissue reached out and offered to make me some free custom tissue paper that I now use to package shop orders.

Character Design: Patchwork Productions


*Description coming soon*

Patchcloak Productions will soon be releasing a free D&D 5e supplement called "Bedposts and Bar Stools" about improvised weapons containing a new Class with four Subclasses, additional improvised weapon rules, magic items, and object-based creatures

These character designs are my addition to this project.


*Description coming soon*

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