Arden Cahill (he/him) is a white, queer, trans, and disabled creative based in Ontario, Canada. Drawing insight from connections and conversations with his communities, he tactfully addresses complex, intersectional themes with an attentive yet humorous approach grounded in lived experience. He publishes digital illustrations, zines, and comics under the pseudonym Arden Crylic.

After graduating from OCAD University with a BDes major in Illustration, Arden is pursuing a career in creative community outreach to improve accessibility standards, while advocating for equity, connection, representation, and growth within the arts. In his founding of ‘A Zine Club’, he delves into the rich, punk-aligned history of radical self-publication to collaboratively establish a safe, fun, and accessible digital space built by the people, for the people. 

Outside of work, Arden’s an easy-going cat dad of two who can be found at the nearest forest or body of water detoxing from all the blue light he absorbs. 



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