Arden is currently planning a re-launch for 2023.

Arden Crylic currently hosts their shop on Etsy!

Here is why:

"Etsy is the first major shopping site to offset 100% of carbon emissions from packaging and delivery of every order. We’re not stopping there – we’ve also committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2030.
" -Etsy

Plus hosting fees on other sites like Shopify, Squarespace, and more are too expensive in comparison at this time for our small business. Etsy also brings in more potential buyers to the shop through their search function.

Running an Eco-Conscious Business

Arden Crylic is currently in the process of using up the last of their non-eco-friendly packaging and rolling out our new eco-friendly packaging as soon as possible.

What to know about your eco - friendly order:

  • Arden Crylic is currently in the process of using up the last of their non-eco-friendly packaging. If you receive an order containing one of our old clear plastic protective sleeves and/or white flat mailer, know that we will be rolling out our new eco-friendly packaging as soon as possible (using what we have so that it too does not create more waste).

  • As the business grows I plan to implement even more eco-friendly practices.

  • All new flat mailers are made of 100% recycled material and are recyclable.

  • All new bubble mailers are made of minimum of 32% recycled content and are fully recyclable! They also come with a dual peel-and-seal so customers can reuse them before they are recycled.

  • All new protective sleeves are Glassine Envelopes that are fully recyclable.

  • All tape used is recyclable.

  • All orders containing new packaging come with an eco-card that shares how you can recycle your packaging. These are printed on 100% recycled paper.

  • Mailers that come to my home / P.O box are re-used for orders if possible.

  • Eco-Enclose offsets their carbon footprint for every order I make through them.

  • Etsy offsets the carbon footprint of all orders made through my (and others) shop.

Other eco - friendly practices:

  • All paper and sticker scraps are recycled or reused.

  • I recycle/reuse all cardboard boxes.

  • Conscious of where I am ordering supplies and merchandise from.

Where do I get my packaging :

NEW Flat mailers: EcoEnclose

NEW Bubble mailers: EcoEnclose

Water Activated tape: EcoEnclose

Washi tape: Miniso

Tissue paper: Noissue

Product Transparency:

Stickers: Printed in-studio with Online Labels Weatherproof Matte & 100% Recycled White

Prints: coming soon

Accessories: coming soon

Machinery and Programs:

Canon Pixma-Pro 100 Printer

Circuit Explore Air 2 : Cricut Design Space

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil : Procreate

XP-Pen Artist Display 22R Pro : Clip Studio Paint